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The Premier, Global Chemical Business


Haas Group International offers a wide range of products and services to a global scale of demand.


Over its comprehensive spectrum of services and products, Haas Group International has operations in 22 countries with 44 distribution centers, and 750,000 square meters of warehousing space for 90,000 products to over 3500 suppliers. Haas Group International's standing in the international business community has made them a leader in Chemical Management, Product Distribution, Supply Chain Management, and Hazardous Communications.


Haas Group International oversees the procurement, use, and disposal of chemicals used in manufacturing. Its global scale allows a complete control of the entire use cycles of the chemicals and ensures the highest standards of safety and care. With its extensive inventory of products, Haas Group, International can provide the right material, at the right time, for a diverse number of industries, including:

Aerospace & Defense
Haas Group International is a global distributor of aerospace chemicals, metals, and materials. Its use of the Kem-Vend system allows clients to monitor usage, check and update stock-levels, re-order stock automatically or employ a purchasing manager, and allocate this information to a project or client.


Haas Group International is a leader in Chemical Management services, Product Distribution, Logistics/Warehousing and hazardous communication services for 50 countries throughout the world.


Aviation / MRO
Haas Group International offers a range of services and products for the major airlines.


Automotive & Truck OEM
Haas Group International has been given awards as thanks for exceptional service to the major automotive manufacturers.


Haas Group International's presence in the world marketplace allows manufacturers to come to them for increased efficiency in production and distribution.


Haas Group International can increase efficiency in manufacturing and facilitate operation management.


Haas Group International's large infrastructure of operations enables it to pass its energy innovations on to the end user.

Food & Beverage
Haas Group International's extensive warehousing facilities provide a world class product distribution network.



Haas Group International is the world leader in global manufacturing and distribution, and offers a wide range of services to clients across the spectrum of global industry.