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Haas Group International Haas Group International Inc. is the premier, global chemical business offering traditional Chemical Management Services, Product Distribution, Logistics/Warehousing and Hazardous Communication Services to a diverse range of customers across the globe.


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Avchem began as a spin-off of Boeing in St. Louis Missouri. Boeing understood the benefit of focusing on core services and outsourcing services that supported their manufacturing processes. Avchem set out to prove its value with chemical management services with its first customer, GKN. After a successful startup and rave reviews, Avchem contracted with Boeing and went on to win the contracts of the largest names in the Aerospace industry.


Avchem provides core chemical management services that include planning, delivery, reporting, Material Safety Data Sheet and Point of Use management, Hazardous Chemical procurement and Waste Management, and a number of material handling tasks. These services enable the customer to focus on their primary core competencies.


Additionally, Avchem’s consolidated buying power yields lower prices for common and some specialized products, leading to substantial material cost savings. Furthermore, with proper planning and supporting systems, Avchem reduces waste, thus further reducing total cost of ownership by a significant margin.


In order to provide premium chemical management services, Avchem engineered a specialized web application (Lynx) that provides ordering, tracking, and reporting capabilities. Customers that use Lynx have information on all hazardous chemicals in the workplace (an OSHA requirement), who uses them, and when they were used. Ordering replacement chemicals is as easy as putting it in a shopping cart and checking out. Lynx is simple to use for computer novices and powerful enough for the information-hungry safety and health professionals.


With locations spread across the US, Avchem supplies customers in all regions of the US and some locations in Canada. Avchem primarily serves the who’s who of the Aerospace industry. From Original Equipment Manufacturers of Cargo Planes and Fighter Jets, their direct suppliers, and even the end users that support and fly their products, Avchem provides services to all.