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Haas Group International Haas Group International Inc. is the premier, global chemical business offering traditional Chemical Management Services, Product Distribution, Logistics/Warehousing and Hazardous Communication Services to a diverse range of customers across the globe.


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Haas Group International Inc.

Formerly Known as Haas TCM Inc.

Haas Group International Inc. (formerly known as Haas TCM Inc.) is a large multinational Chemical Management Services Company. We specialize in reducing cost and improving processes associated with chemical use in manufacturing. Haas Group International Inc. helps our customers run their manufacturing operations more efficiently. We work with them at over 200 facilities around the globe to ensure that they have access to the emerging technologies necessary to transform their business and take advantage of new opportunities.


Our focus is innovation in Chemical Management. No other competitor spends 100% of its time and focus in this area. You will find that our approach is unique, cost effective, and based on a successful track record. To meet the growing demands of chemical management, Haas formed alliances and joint venture agreements throughout the world to properly implement chemical management. As an example, Haas FineChem Shanghai Co., Ltd. was formed for a chemical management contract in China. On October 1, 2002 Haas Corporation acquired the Total Chemical Management business of Radian International LLC.; they merged to form Haas TCM, the world's largest independent and most diverse chemical management service (CMS) company. Headquartered in West Chester, PA with over 300 employees, annual revenues of $150 million and operations on three continents, Haas Group International Inc., formerly Haas TCM Inc., currently provides chemical lifecycle management services to customers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, defense, metalworking, transportation and heavy manufacturing industries.


In October, 2002, Radian TCM and the Haas Corporation merged through an acquisition and were doing business as Haas TCM, now Haas Group International Inc. The result of this transaction is the formation of the largest independent chemical management service (CMS) provider in the world, serving about 200 facilities in the following industries:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Department of Defense
  • Electronics
  • Metals and Metal Fabrication
  • Semiconductors
  • Food & Beverage
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Other Manufacturing


Although regarded traditionally as competitors, Haas and Radian TCM fit well together and produce a very powerful combination in three respects:

1. Served Markets - Haas' customers have generally been defined by the automotive, electronics, metals and metalworking industries and defense. Radian TCM's customer base is largely the aerospace, electronics, semiconductors and transportation sectors.


2. Business Systems - As a stand-alone entity, Haas has developed the back office systems geared specifically to CMS while Radian TCM has had to rely on the systems provided by its parent, the URS Corporation.


3. Core Competencies the strongest competencies of each company are two of the four "value pools" that define the chemical lifecycle. Thus, the combined competencies in Haas Group International Inc. integrate the entire lifecycle and yield unmatched depth and breadth in creating sustainable value for Haas customers and for Haas itself. Moreover, the combined domain of the new entity means that Haas Group International Inc. customers benefit from a vast knowledge and experience base gained from many other industries. The result is a platform of continuous improvement fueled by a growing inventory of best practices in each of the four value pools shown, as well as the environmental, health and safety (EHS) obligations associated with all facets of the chemical use lifecycle.


Value Pools


In addition to size and scale, the new Haas Group International Inc. entity provides changes that benefit both new customers and those currently served by each former organization:

1. Haas Group International Inc. combined the advanced information technologies of the former entities into a single platform. From Haas Corp -- HaasTec® and HaasTrac® information systems track both chemical use and the efficiencies with which they are used; and from Radian TCM -- tcmIS™, its "state of the art", internet-based system for chemical transaction automation (including e-commerce), information enrichment and EHS compliance automation. The result is the automated application of experience and knowledge-based processes integrated across a wider swath of each customer's chemical processes.


2. With mature operations in the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and China, Haas brings the experience and understanding of doing CMS business in the geographies of our customers' major operations. Domestically, Radian TCM adds distribution regions operated in North Texas, Boston, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Tucson to Haas' operations in Detroit, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Decatur, Alabama, Oshawa, Ontario and Shanghai, China.


Haas Group International Inc. remains a company that is totally dedicated to Chemical Management Services — providing superior chemical management services is all that Haas TCM does. Furthermore, both Radian and Haas were founding members of the CMS Forum, an industry trade association dedicated to the advancement of CMS know-how and value. Because its roots are in the services-only business, Haas TCM maintains intense focus on customer service. As a "services-only" company, Haas TCM is completely "vendor-neutral." As a result, Haas Group International Inc.provides the best solutions for our customers' process needs, whether they be chemical or non-chemical solutions. In fact, the mission of Haas Group International Inc.is to contribute to our customers' success by reducing the total costs of their chemical lifecycles. This means Haas customers are completely assured of business objectivity because we have no incentives other than to reduce chemical costs — the underpinning of all of our customer relationships.


Besides the benefits to our customers, the Haas Group International Inc. management team believes that the merger of Radian TCM with Haas also benefits our other stakeholders. For our employees, each has career opportunities created through growth with a company whose sole business purpose is for them to develop their skills and competencies.


Our suppliers and chemical manufacturers benefit by a reduction of their transaction costs as they now have to deal with only one buying entity for all the customers Haas Group International Inc. serves. Furthermore, they enjoy the automation of both the fulfillment and financial clearing processes that Radian TCM developed and recently deployed.


There are six principles that will guide the design of the Haas Group International Inc. organization, as shown below:

Design Principle

1. Scalability

2. Customer Service and Intimacy

3. Vertical Market Focus

4. Shared Technical Resources

5. Matrix Management

6. "Flat" Organization Structure



• Depth of resources needed for growth

• Promote "true" partnerships

• Leverage best practices by industry

• Technology transfer

• Exploit the power of service "teams"

• Avoid bureaucracy - Promote speed


With the combined know-how resulting from this merger, Haas Group International Inc. sets the standard in many areas that the entire CMS provider community will likely adopt, thereby advancing the state of the art for this growing industry.


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