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Haas Group International Haas Group International Inc. is the premier, global chemical business offering traditional Chemical Management Services, Product Distribution, Logistics/Warehousing and Hazardous Communication Services to a diverse range of customers across the globe.


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Haas Group International SCM Limited and SCM Ireland Ltd.

Formerly Known as Kemfast Aerospace Ltd.

Haas Group International SCM Limited and Haas Group International SCM Ireland Limited (formerly known as Kemfast Aerospace Ltd.) is a subsidiary of Haas Group International Inc. Haas Group International SCM Limited was formed in 1998 specifically to supply the Aerospace industry with complete chemical management and logistics services. The focus of Haas Group International SCM Limited is to serve the Aerospace Market in the United Kingdom and Ireland by stocking and distributing chemicals and raw materials imported from the United States, the U.K., and Europe.


Haas Group International SCM Limited has developed an innovative range of services to control the chemical and consumable acquisition process, including consignment stocks and vending services. Our supply solutions include a dedicated support team, full stock management, shelf life management, kitting, and technical support.


The Airlines and MRO’s in Ireland quickly recognized the convenience, service and pricing offered by Haas Group International SCM Ireland Limited provided them with real savings in freight costs and, since Haas Group International SCM Ireland Limited stocks hazardous materials on short notice, the avoidance of consequential costs of having long lead times for critical materials. Haas Group International SCM Limited also offers consignment stock to certain customers that have sufficiently high turnover of chemicals that warrants it and a system that can handle it. With Haas Group International SCM Limited, customers have a way of storing, controlling, and supplying materials on-site as well as Chemical Management Services including Safety Data Sheet maintenance, ordering materials, store management, EPA reporting, disposal and recycling of waste, technical support, and research and support in finding obscure materials.


Haas Group International SCM Limited’s range of chemical products exceeds 25,000 items from 300 suppliers, and combines with a range of over 15,000 workshop consumables. They stock and distribute cleaners, surface preparation products, corrosion inhibiters, sealants, adhesives, oils, lubricants, fluids, tapes, abrasives, coatings, composite products, cargo liners, honeycomb, sheet materials, greases, paints, wire, metals, abrasives, safety wear and general workshop consumables. Clients include companies such as 3M, Shell Aviation, Exxon Mobile, Deft Paints, Mankiewicz Paints, PPG Paints, ZipChem, Chematell, Henkel, Dasic and many others.


Haas Group International SCM Limited has operations in the UK, Ireland, Hungary and the USA. We also have strategic partners in Spain, Holland and Italy who actively distribute on our behalf. Haas Group International SCM Limited supplies all of the major Aerospace MRO’s and Airlines in Ireland as well as to customers in the Philippines and Poland and in the Energy, Electrical and Glass Industries.


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